1. Warrior's Mark

From the recording LifeSpan - 2015

This song is intended to illustrate greater struggles within service men and women when they come home from the battle.  "Warrior's Mark" is intended to symbolize both the target they face in battle and the goals of recovery when they return home. 


There was not much left for him here when he saw the falling towersLearns to fight for something so real make the pain rain down like showers Channels all his anger and fear, & guilt from all the madness appears, questions if he'll ever be whole again Fear of losing his life and the conflict inside battles are fought in his headWhen he finally comes home the enemy unknown, building his prison instead Focused when the target is near and he walks the walls for hoursTime hear turns his visions unclear and the tears rain down like showers War is when his weapon's engaged and comfort when the battles enraged & questions can he ever come home again Words left unsaid from a soldier misread battles his family and friendsWounds will all heal but his mind is not here building his prison instead