1. Earthshrine

From the recording LifeSpan - 2015

Very important people may only come in your life a few times.   By my age most have lost a few and still hang onto a few. Very hard song to write lyrically but I'm glad I did and spoke of a person who means a lot to me.  


A light went on todayI met a girl who broke the chainI need to see her more, A lifeboat on the shore, hang on every word you sayTime has shown another wayShe met another manAnd set a course so far awayI wind up on the floor, And pray a little more, Every word you've ever said to meTortures me some more, I want to bring you home, She says she won't feel that wayGirl of my fantasyI miss when your awayA jagged road has brought us hereI love you more todayYou are the one,I am in love,You mean everything to meGet you alone,Whisper this poem,You say the word and I'll come home