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My New contact information is Jeff.kingery@k2lending.com  303-929-6716 and Po Box 5061 Frisco, Co 80443

          It all started back when I was 6.  I sat and watched my mom play the piano and figured I could play too simply because she was my mom.  I remember sitting on the floor thinking somehow her talents would transfer to me without practice.  I didn't realize until much later how important it is to believe you can do something.  I was just too young to have the world convince me otherwise.  I took about a years’ worth of lessons and found out that I could sound out the songs easier than I could read the music. I wish I had spent the time and had the discipline to learn to read now that I'm older, but that is how I started. Around the age of 10 I thought the electric guitar was my path and after a prolonged campaign my parents bought me a $69.00 sunburst 6 string electric guitar from a Sears catalogue. I was ok at the guitar but never really learned the scales to solo or improvise.  I kept working at the piano and starting writing melodies around the age of 12. Some of these first piano lines are in this CD. (My Candle) 

          My first live show was in a skating rink in Westminster with about 10 other bands.  It wasn't really even a live show it was a tryout for a battle of the bands but it felt like a live show.  I sang "Smoking in the Boys Room" (The Motley Crue Version not Brownsville Station) and remember that night my dad reporting to his parents how I would scream into the microphone. At that age I distinctly remember not knowing if that was a compliment or not.  Later I played a talent show in Iowa at our yearly vacation spot Okoboji, and felt the pull most musicians do when they have their first taste of success.  In High-school I would amuse the crowds with piano songs at parties but was searching for a band.  I initially thought I would go off to music school and start a career.  I applied to Berkeley, University of Arizona and Pepperdine University only to get denied due to my lack of being able to read music. 

A couple of months before High School ended I met Dan Bontrager through his brother Chad as we were critiquing the bands trying out for the "Battle of the bands" at Columbine High. Dan had all the guitar chops that I didn't so I worked on singing to find a role in the band.  We drove to Pro Sound and we bought a PA that I still have.  It wouldn’t quite cut through the Guitar and Bass amps let alone the drums.  I ended up developing a high voice some compared to Geddy Lee and I strained myself all the time both live and in practice.  Our band was named the Scrubz and we put out 3 albums; "Dead Bug Blowing in the Wind" in 1993, “Exposing the Tides" in 1996 and "We Mock What We Don't Understand" in 1998.  We had some success getting on KPBI and opened for Slaughter on Halloween night 1995.   The Scrubz lasted about 10 years and we eventually went our own ways but all remained friends.  Life, girlfriends, wives all made us re-focus and that great time came to an end.  Who knows maybe we have one more CD in us. Only time will tell!  

          In 2008 I decided that it was a shame to let the music go.  I had a corporate job and haircut but reminisced the band days as the more fun than the rat race.  I put out a solo CD under the name “ClobberJaw” and used some local friends like Dan and Kirby Velarde and Randy Lodes to do guitar solos. It made me wonder why we ever stopped.  I titled the CD "Toxic Syndrome" and the songs are still on iTunes today.  I got the song "The Walls you Build" played on Alice by Sam Hill a few times.  As happy as I was to hear that song on the radio they followed my song with Daughtry.  His studio production was so far beyond mine my happiness lasted about the length of my song.  Immediately after I figured that if I can't up the production value then I'm stuck.  I went out and bought a Neumann Microphone and an Avalon Vacuum tube which were both industry standards at the time and was determined to get the production where it needed to be. I had exhausted the majority of my 80's style writings and was ready to do the Piano CD I probably should have done 20 years ago. I had a lot of the album's ideas from songs I had wrote all the way back to High school and through the last 20 years.    

          Early in 2014 I got into graduate school at CSU and at the same time was offered a transfer of my job to Breckenridge Co. I planned to do both originally.  But the steel toe boot of life soon kicked me a different direction.  I moved to Breckenridge Colorado and set up the piano on the 7th floor of a hotel staring at the mountain and started recording around October 2014.  About 1 week into the school semester I had a moment of clarity after some great stress realizing I had too much on my plate.  I realized that when I'm old and looking back on my life that it would be the songs I write that I would be most proud of and chasing corporate and financial status just didn't compare. I also realize I couldn't so both effectively. School and a Master’s degree would be nice but deep inside the music means much more. Even if the music industry doesn't give me a career I can make my own.  I had this clarity "Downstairs at Eric's" in Breckenridge and I bargained with myself.  If I was to let the graduate school slip away I needed to finish this CD in one year. And another to follow two year after that.  That was a tough fork in the road and I hope it was the right decision when I look back.  

          As anyone knows who has made a CD or strived to create any creative endeavor the challenge lies in the flood of ideas and possibilities that come once you have put the first layer down.  Do I add screaming guitars to the piano or do I just let the instruments breath on their own?  I think the previous 4 Cd's taught me instead of yelling myself hoarse I adopted a "breathy, airy" vocal style with big harmonies.  I'm still getting my 80's rock in there just in a different way than the first 4 Cd's. I recorded guitars and bass in Frisco, Colorado as I rented a condo for 7 months there after 4 months in a Breckenridge hotel. I finished the vocals in my current condo at the base of Peak 9 in Breckenridge.  Kirby Velarde added guitar solos from his home in Littleton and Jose C Emmanuelli learned all the songs in less than a month and we recorded his drum lines in July 2015 at FTM studios in Lakewood Colorado. Steve Sundberg helped us mix and master the CD and I have to say I think it turned out better than the high expectations that I had coming in. Most bands always say “the best is yet to come” and I feel like this is the best I will ever do. A lot of things aligned on this CD and I hope the songs resonate with the audience.  Thank you for being a part of this journey and more than anything I hope you love the CD.  

          Aren't you glad I didn't write this in the third person like I was some rolling stone flunky covering a band?